About Us

Total DNA Services is the first professional DNA testing advisory company available. Whatever type of DNA testing, Total DNA Services can offer the most up to date professional advice on the most suitable testing available, by the most accredited Laboratories available and with the optimum pricing and delivery times. An important factor is that we DO NOT retain clients’ data, unlike many Labs.

Two of its founders began DNA investment in 1998, others pre 2003 when the Human Genome Project was finally declared complete which allowed scientists to combine thousands of SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) loci into a single test. SNPs are letter changes in the DNA that can be used as genetic markers for a variety of applications. SNP arrays are not commonly used for relationship testing but are used for several other genetic tests including; predisposition to genetic disease, health and wellness, and ancestry.

Not only does Total DNA offer all the traditional DNA services available through many online wholesalers but its founders began pioneering Molecular and Clinical testing in 2004 with exploratory world-class scientific personnel defining the shape of this testing to come. Total DNA laboratories use NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) for a large number of tests.

By utilizing many different partner laboratories over the past 15-20 years Total DNA sits in the unique position of being able to offer the best products from the most highly accredited laboratories both in Australia, the US, the EU and other countries at the best possible price. As nearly 20 years and large-scale volume, buying has proved to us, being the cheapest is not always the best, particularly in the new cutting edge clinical and molecular technologies.

Thus, Total’s buying power ensures you get the optimum price while our experience minimizes the risk of recollections or wrong results. Our competitive pricing structure is due to the high levels of DNA testing we handle every year which enables us to pass the savings from the economies of scale onto the clients.

In the 20 years, our partner laboratories have processed more than 5 million tests and our combined customer service experience has been used as a model by other online DNA companies.